Recordings of notated compositions, experimental folk performances and collaborative improvisations.

Waylands, 2017

Vicky Chow, piano
Stone Residency premier performance
Glass Box, The New School, NYC
February 12, 2019

songs and experimental folk selections, 2018/19

from concert performances—
Round House Concerts (October 2018)
Sediment Gallery (June 2019)
and Gamelan Raga Kusuma (July 2019)

Beara Chapel, 2016/17

Sara Louise Callaway, violin
Matilda Ertz, piano
concert performance at Sisters of Loretto chapel Nerinx, Kentucky; March 4, 2018

songs and experimental folk selections, 2016/2018

from concert performances—
Appalshop theater (December 2016)
Sediment Gallery (February 2018)

Hickory House - Session One: Practice of Prayer

first improvisation session
Ben Jaffe, tenor sax
Dave Desmeaux, bass
Robert Andrew Scott, guitar, viola
Bed Stuy, Brooklyn; September 2015

Monophony Studies, 2017/18

recorded outdoors with assorted acoustic instruments

From Clouded Gardens, violin solo, 2017

performed by Sara Louise Callaway (Sara Soltau)
featured on the cassette album In Parts

Nocturnal Hours, six piano pieces, 2016

recorded in Pine Mountain Settlement School's chapel

Elegy-Meditation & Accords, 2018 rehearsals

rehearsal recordings—
Elegy-Meditation, 2015/rev. 2018
Myrick Crampton, tenor sax
Amos Goldie, viola
Robert Andrew Scott, piano-percussion
Accords, 2010/rev. 2017
Caleb Paxton, viola
Daniel Stipe, piano

Hickory House - three improvisations, 2015

Kelly MacDonald, guitar [1,2], bass [3]
Caleb Flood, percussion, voice, flute [1]
Dave Desmeaux, bass guitar [2]
Pinson Chanselle, drumset [3]
Robert Andrew Scott, guitar [1,3], synth [2]
November 2015, December 2015